Are you determined to lose weight quickly? For most people, gaining weight happens gradually over a number of years, but when you suddenly realize how far you’ve let your body go there is a desperate sense of emergency to lose weight quickly. The real trick to taking off weight quickly is to start an effective weight loss exercise program, though most people will spend years on fad diets before discovering this.

In fact, the amount and variety of exercise you do could be even more important to your long term weight loss results than what you eat. Let’s take a quick glimpse at how a weight loss exercise program can transform your body.

Burning Calories

The simplest formula for fat loss is to take in fewer calories than you burn. If you can manage that consistently, you will lose weight quickly because your body will have a shortage of calories needed to burn off for energy. The rest of the calories required will be drawn from your stored fat deposits.

When you are gaining weight, you are handing your body an excess of calories and forcing the excess to accumulate in your fat cells. Doing the opposite and giving your body fewer calories is the way to lose weight quickly. Just don’t go overboard on this or you’ll go into starvation mode and start collecting calories instead! It’s a tricky balance.

A good weight loss exercise program will raise your calorie burn day after day. This helps in a couple ways…

1. You can cut calories less than if you weren’t exercising, while continuing to lose weight.
2. It places an increased demand for energy on your body so more energy is pulled from your fat cells.

Of course, for this to work your diet has to be reasonable. In order to lose weight quickly you cannot eat more calories with the reasoning you are burning more.

Lean Muscle Mass

An effective weight loss exercise program will also strengthen your body and increase lean muscle mass so that you look smaller than you really are! If you can work at least a couple of good strength training sessions each week, you will see improvements in how your body is shaped and how your clothes fit even if the scale isn’t delivering a huge loss every week. A well toned, lean body is always more attractive than one covered in flab.

If you are ready to lose weight quickly, a weight loss exercise program is essential.