Should Kitesurfing Be Included At The 2016 Olympic Games?

In 2009 the Global Olympic Board at its Copenhagen Meeting pronounced that “the Olympics development should endeavor to stretch out its dispatch and to expand its impact with youngsters across the world.” I most definitely can’t imagine a superior approach to accomplishing this objective than by including Kitesurfing at the 2016 Olympic Games. There could be no other cruising class on the planet (and hardly any games) that have such a high level of members under 30. Added to the way that kitesurfing is right now the hot thing in water sports and its consideration in the Olympics would carry a tremendous component of ‘cool’ to the cruising class which is as of now considered to be an exhausting and elite, for dpboss old farts and Yahoo Henry’s as it were.

Windsurfing in the Olympics presently battles because of the way that the cruising occasions are held in scenes where light breezes are the inclination as dinghy’s and so on just truly need a power 2 – 3 for ideal rivalry. Kitesurfing wouldn’t experience the ill effects of this disadvantage as present day kitesurfing hardware implies that 6 bunches is sufficient to ride as well as to ride upwind. It likewise offers an immense attract to the universes media, with 100’s of splendidly hued kites bumping right close to the ocean side also some genuinely tremendous crashes and with everything taken into account you have an occasion that could catch the creative mind of everybody from 6 to 60 years of age.

Richard Branson an authority Kitesurfing Olympic Representative and sharp kitesurfer is cited as saying,

“Kiteboarding is a tomfoolery and breathtaking game that I think would make a hugely thrilling expansion to the Olympic Games”

The 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro with the Olympic Cruising Regatta having picked Copacabana ocean side as its essential area. I most definitely can’t envision a superior area to exhibit kitesurfing and its status as another Olympic Game.