I have been perusing a ton recently about the ideas of manly and female energy. Everything kind of obliges the yin and yang meanings of manly and female. I don’t think I really want to characterize the distinctions for you. The thoughts I feel called to address today have more to do with the blame shifting and fault happening in the otherworldly networks. A few religions have confidence in a manly god and others in a female goddess. There is this bombastic supposition that only one is right and that the other conviction is silly and misinformed. That’s what each trusts on the off chance that everybody would buy into their specific vision of force, all eventual all around great.

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There is a ton of talk among the new age networks about a re-visitation of female energy and a re-visitation of ladylike initiative. Some way or another, it is accepted that with ladies in control we will some way or another tidy up the world’s all’s concerns and supernaturally take progress back to a position of excellence and concordance living off the land in a quiet sustaining way. I even read an article as of late composed by another age man asking where we ladies were and when might we Femininity Course be returning to fix the wreck that he feels the men have made of our planet. Goodness! What a major liability!

My most memorable reaction to perusing this man’s elegantly composed paper about how men had truly messed things up with their covetousness and testosterone filled war like qualities, was to say “I must fix your wreck! Where do you get off making a wreck and afterward asking when another person will tidy up? Why not ask the men while they will tidy up after themselves?” When I quieted down however, I got to pondering the ladylike energy and how it functions. I reexamined my responses and felt that I ought to say, “Female energy by definition is delicate and supporting, mending and adoring. You won’t see us come charging in like champions waged war. Our belongings will be unpretentious and lovely like the breeze blowing the leaves of a tree.”

Having stewed over the subject for a couple of additional weeks, I have a few additional edified considerations to share. For what reason is it even alluded to as manly or female? Have you never seen a female battle to the demise to safeguard her loved ones? Have you never seen a man sob for the enchantment of seeing his kid conceived? Do you imagine that ladies aren’t fit for being avaricious and egotistical? Do you truly accept that men aren’t fit for being healers? Whatever happened to the conviction that the two energies exist in us all? Men didn’t make these issues any longer then ladies did. It takes one to consent to be exploited. To take power, they’re savvy to the point of conquering the actual strength contrasts. Truly, we consented to a philosophical view that men were more brilliant, more grounded, and nearer to god then we are. We decided to buy into that very much as they did.