Overview on PS Memory Supplements

PS represents an acronym used for defining Phosphatidyl Serine. This substance is very important to the nervous system, as it is contained by all the cells, especially in the brain and in the membranes of the brain cells. The cell membranes have two layers of molecules. The outer level is used as an energy exchange medium. The basis of the cell membranes is represented by two layers of phospholipids, such as PS. By measuring the amounts of phosphatidyl serine in the brain we are able to indicate the tolerance to stress.

The main effect of the PS memory supplements is the enhancement of the memory. In addition, these supplements influence the mood of a person, the speed of learning and the concentration. Students may notice the benefic effects of these supplements much faster. The PS memory supplements help the students very much before the exams, as they are able to memorize much faster.

The PS memory supplements, however, appear to be effective at any age. As the phosphatidyl serine amount that is found in the foods is very low, people must search for PS memory supplements when they discover a memory problem. These supplements may also be used with success in the prevention of the memory disorders. Age related deterioration of the nerves may be avoided when a treatment based on PS memory supplements is followed.

Phosphatidyl serine is thought to control the actions of several proteins that maintain the brain cell functions within normal parameters. In recent times, the companies that produced PS memory supplements used to extract it from cow brains. Nowadays, it is believed that extracting Best Memory Supplements 2023 it from soy is safer. The availability of the product is also increased, this way.

The efficiency of the PS memory supplement is sustained by the results of many studies. Scientists have been able to prove that when administering 300 mg of PS daily for 12 weeks, the benefic effects are observed in all of the cases.

One of the best advantages of the PS memory supplements is the fact that there are no side-effects. Other studies have revealed that the mental processes enhance by 15% in a first phase. The final results which were even better have been observed after three months. The daily dose must be between 200 and 800 mg. However, the recommend dose is of 400 mg, taken twice a day. There have not been reported cases of overdose.

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