U.A.E.,Top Building Material Providers in Dubai Articles which is a one-stop destination to all the varied markets in the globe, is emerging to be a leading market of building material. Maximum construction companies hail from Dubai. If you visit Dubai, you can figure out the importance of real estate and luxury buildings. Dubai has always been known for its well-developed infrastructure. It hence is a hub of luxury hotels, real estate, offices, commercial houses, which are built with exotic and luxury designs.
5 Building Material Providers in Dubai

Here is an exhaustive list of top building material provider companies in Dubai, which can be relied on:

Abdul Aziz & Sa’ad Al Moajil Co

The company was established in 1928 and was founded as a joint partnership company between the two brothers Abdulaziz and Saad. The company initially was a foodstuff import company, and it was later on that it diversified into many fields such as manufacturing, real estate international manufacturing, trading, domestic investments, furniture, etc. Currently, the company is a leading institution with its operations present in almost every other gulf country.

Core operation of the company currently is the real estate business, which involves ownership and development of the shopping centres, small and large warehouses, multi-story buildings, office structures, real estate properties in various Saudi Arabia cities. Abdul Aziz & Sa’ad Al Moajil Co has also played a massive role in investing in many companies internationally.


Ahmed Yousuf & Hassan Abdulla Trading Co

The company was established in 1973. It is one of the leading building materials operating company based in U.A.E. AYHACO (Ahmed Yousuf & Hassan Abdulla Trading Co) group’s core activities. It includes manufacturing and supplying of Gypsum board, False ceiling, suspension and accessories, gypsum tiles, etc. The com operations of the company are carried out in various countries apart from U.A.E. such as China, Thailand, etc.

The core activities of the group include incorporating, operate, trade, and they also invest in a project which could be either industrial or commercial. The AYHACO group is officially accepted as a leading company that has high quality manufactured standards.


Al Reyadh Star Bldg Matls L.L.C

Reyadh Star Building Materials company is one of the best building material providers in Dubai. It provides all kind of building materials and mainly deals with top-notch quality of cement throughout Dubai. The company have a team of experts who are committed to serving the customers.


A.N.T. Gen Trading L.L.C

Company is based in Dubai and has a total of 4 showrooms in the heart of Deira located in Dubai. The operations of A.N.T. Gen Trading are entirely computerized. The company comprises of experienced individuals who ensure to provide high-quality standards that are reliable and safe. The company also has large delivery vehicles, which makes transportation very easy. The company is known to deliver goods in a short period to any part of the U.A.E. such as Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, etc.

The company is involved in providing services to 1000+ trading and construction companies, hypermarkets, star hotels, etc. The company has many clients which it has served in the past who are extremely loyal towards the company due to its premium quality services.


Belhasa Stones & Concrete Flooring

Saif Belhasa group is a holding company that has 23 individual businesses. The company has expertise in entrepreneurship https://budowlanyswiat.com/ and marketing since18+ years and has served several clients in the middle east. The group is a leading manufacturer of industrial stone products. The company makes a variety of products in the factory, which is located at Umal Quain and has 250+ designs to display in the flagship showroom, which is in Dubai.

Stones & Concrete Flooring established in 2006, and right from its inception, the company has been committed to providing a vast range of products that are manufactured at the highest quality and which suit the needs and wants of the consumer. The company has a great team of experts who have years of experience in this domain and provide services on time.

Thus, if you intend to get the top-notch building material, do not forget to rely on the above-mentioned top building material providers in Dubai. ATNInfo is a business commercial directory which offers details of the significant operating companies in Dubai. ATNInfo provides complete information of the services offered by the companies in Dubai through its category listing.