Oculus Mission 2 is one of the most smoking VR headsets that anyone could hope to find available at the present time. Out of the container, it accompanies all that you want to get everything rolling.

However, after a touch of time with the headset, you may be considering what other additional items or frill you can purchase to work on your experience and make things a piece smoother. We’ve assembled the absolute best Mission additional items and extras here, going from cases to go to earphones and then some.

Where conceivable, we’ve noticed the things that we’ve had the option to test ourselves and furthermore attempted to give a couple of choices to every class, differing in value, reason and quality.
The Mission 2 accompanies no type of versatile stockpiling for the headset. Considering that you could without much of a stretch harm the headset or scratch the uncovered focal points, it is an outright unquestionable requirement to get a case.

We’ve attempted the authority case sold by Facebook, presented Oculus Accessories above, and viewed it as exceptionally strong and worth suggesting (look at our audit) as long as you like the delicate outside plan that looks like an egg. It’s accessible for $49 on Amazon, when in stock, or from Facebook straightforwardly.
On the other hand, you could attempt VR Cover’s conveying case, presented above, which is like the authority case, yet all the same more square shaped. It’s accessible straightforwardly for $29 on its US store, its Europe store or its overall store.

There’s additionally this case from JSVER for $16.99 or this case from Zaracle for $23.99. Our staff have attempted both of these and were exceptionally content with them as less expensive choices.
Best Head Lashes for Mission 2
The Mission 2’s plan takes into consideration clients to trade out the default texture tie for a comfier other option, and there’s a heap of official and outsider choices to look over.

The clearest is Facebook’s First class Tie, presented above, which has a movable ring at the back to effectively reinforce or relax the tie’s grasp and uses an oval-formed elastic part of sit facing the rear of your head.

At first, clients were revealing issues with this tie breaking and breaking, however Facebook claims the issue has since been settled and presently offers a 2-year substitution ensure in the occasion you actually have issues. Some UploadVR staff encountered the issues with send off day First class Lashes, however we’ve definitely approved of the substitution tie/more current model tie by any means up until this point.

The Facebook First class Lash is accessible from Facebook straightforwardly for $49 or through Amazon, stock allowing